Why use a specialist video production company?

25-July-2017 16:54
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As with all things, the greater your experience, the more effective you become at something. Because Tasty Media are a specialist, we have much more experience of what works and what doesn’t work for our chosen sectors. This experience has impacted many areas of our service, a few of which are highlighted below.

Production Practices

We have worked extensively in all areas of farming, food processing, food preparation and cooking. Our understanding of the types of shots that work best, and what doesn’t work well, or is not possible within the limitations of the environment, allows us to plan your video in detail and work effectively on shoot days. This will maximise our production time, reduce your costs and minimise the impact on your working environment while we’re filming.


Because we work so frequently in food preparation areas where hygiene is paramount, and in farming areas where bio-security is always important, we have invested in equipment that facilitates filming in these environments. For instance, we have battery powered lights to eliminate power cables trailing on the floor. We can wrap the feet of lighting stand in protective bags that we carry with us to isolate contact with the floor. We also have tripods with mid-level spreaders so we can wrap their feet in protective bags. Our crews also carry over-boots, coveralls, hairnets and anti-bacterial hand wash when they are needed.


Effective video marketing and promotion has become as much about effective distribution as it is about creating a well-crafted and beautiful film. It doesn’t matter how good your video is if the right people don’t see it. By specialising in our chosen sectors, we gain a more detailed and thorough understanding of your target market, their viewing habits, how they consume video and where they
inhabit on the internet. This allows us to more effectively choose the right channel for your video distribution, optimise the content and promote it to the right audience.


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