How to capture and hold your customers’ attention

25-July-2017 16:56
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by Admin

In a world where people are inundated with media, much of the work we do in designing a video is about capturing and holding a viewer’s attention. One device that is very effective for this is offering them a view of the world that is not possible in normal life.

There are four popular ways this can be achieved. Through time-lapse, slow motion, aerial filming and macro filming. Each of these techniques offer a fresh perspective on our world and can capture our attention.

Have you ever wondered why time-lapse and slow motion always seem to engage? It allows us to experience the passage of time in a completely different way. There is also a theory that is goes much deeper than this by challenging our internalised model of Newtonian physics. This internalised model allows us to rapidly calculate the trajectory of a ball thrown through the air so we can place our hand in exactly the right place and time to catch it. We use the same ability to avoid objects that may be flying towards us. The theory says that when we slow or speed up time, the brain’s model is challenged and so becomes more alert to try and work out what is happening.

Aerial filming and macro filming (extremely magnified) also give us a unique perspective that not only attracts our attention, but also illustrates and explains things that would be impossible otherwise.


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