Increasing your video viewing figures with Video SEO

25-July-2017 17:05
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You’ve probably heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website. It makes the website easier to find on Google and other search engines for certain search terms. This increases your traffic through natural searches and raises your video higher in the page rankings.

Video SEO is very similar, but for your video. It makes your video easier to find in both YouTube and its parent company Google. This will naturally increase the number of times your video is viewed and is free.

We do a lot of work to ensure your video will rank as high as possible in these searches. Before we even start to devise your video project we research your target audience to see what search terms (longtail keywords) they use to find content and how many searches there are every month. We then decide which of these terms we will target with your video. These search term are subtly worked into the script of your video where possible, and then the script is transposed into the subtitle facility of your video. YouTube scans the subtitles for search terms, but if you leave this to their own generated subtitles they can be very inaccurate. The same terms are also included in the video ‘tags’ and the description on your channel.

There is also a lot of optimisation work we do on your YouTube channel to further boost your video’s views. Haven’t got a channel yet? – don’t worry, we will set one up for you as part of the production process.

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